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    Oversea Customers How to Buy watches from china?

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    Oversea Customers How to Buy watches from china?

    1,Choose the watches items from my website and send us the item information and pictures.
    2,I will quote you the price with oversea shipping cost.
    3,We can accept  Western Union  (https://www.westernunion.com).

    https://transferwise.com  Oversea customers can register on this website, and they can transfer RMB to mainland RMB bank cards. The transfer of RMB is cheaper than US dollars.

    money gram also can be used. For details, please click http://moneygram.cn/

    You Choose the payment way,I send you the account information.
    4,You made the payment,and show me the payment picture.
    5,Offer me the Detials delivery information.
      Country, state, city, street, building,house number + Full name + Phone + Zipper Code
    5,Confirm we received the payment,We shipping the watches in two or three days.
    6,After Shipping, we will show you the shipping express picture for tracking.
    1,We onle accept US dollers.

    2,We only confirmed receipt the payment,then shipping.

    3,Shipping by EMS or DHL express.
    4,As the different countries and region,shipping time usual about 10-15 days.
    5,Each watch will undergo rigorous testing, packaging, etc., to ensure that custores can get the perfect goods.

    6,(Western Union pay)You can transfer money to a bank with Western Union remittance.

    7,Need customers  pay the transfer fee.

    Our email address:1623759331@qq.com

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    微信號: woniu77com